Summer Team Showdown is Here!

The Amateur Battle League would like to cordially invite all of you to participate in the ABL’s first ever Summer Team Showdown. This is a tournament like no other. In this tournament you will be assigned into teams. Each team drafting from their own draft pool, you must all work together to create the best team’s you can, take on and eliminate other teams. Once only one team stands, the obvious must happen. You must fight against yourselves for a winner to arise. This tournament is also the perfect opportunity to secure your slot into the ABL Season III as the winner will get to secure his/her slot into the third season of the ABL. More information to follow:

How it Works:

  • 4 teams of 4 players each assigned at random.
  • Each team drafts Pokemon from a Point System draft pool (each team drafts from their own pool).
  • Only 6 Pokemon per player may be drafted.
  • Battles are to be conducted in Double-Battle Format.
  • Teams will battle other teams in elimination matches.
  • Each team will select a member to battle representing their team. The loser in those battles is eliminated from the competition entirely.
  • Each team will select a Team Captain. Team Captains can decide who from their team has to battle next.
  • Players can override their Team Captain and assign a new one (if majority votes are there).
  • If a team only has two players left the Team Captain will by default be the one with most Wins.
  • Once a team is the last one standing players must battle amongst themselves until a final player is left. He/she will be the winner.


st place will get a $20 eshop Gift Card and a Guaranteed position in ABL Season III