PokemonABL at 2019 Pokemon Worlds

It’s almost time for the official 2019 Pokemon World Championships and the Pokemon ABL crew will be there at the site of some potential new Pokemon Sword & Shield news drop and where we might learn more information on what Pokemon will look like past generation 7.

Our very own MattyPXP (SIII Announcer) & CurseShaka (SIII Advisor/GFX Artist) will be at the event which will take place at DC from August 16-19. There, they will be taking notes of potential changes to the 2020 meta and what competitive play may look like in Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield in order to provide a better Draft League experience for Season III of the Amateur Battle League. As well as being in the front lines of any potential Pokemon Sword & Shield news drops.

San Juan Froakies

— But that’s not all, our very own CurseShaka coach of the San Juan Froakies will debut in his first-ever VGC event. Participating in the DC Open. Thus bringing the knowledge acquired in the event into the structuring of Pokemon ABL Season III.

For more information on the PokemonABL at the 2019 Pokemon World Championships make sure to follow all our social medias @ PokemonABL and use the hashtag #PokemonABL to get a hold of us!

For more information on the 2019 Pokemon World Championships to include spectator badges, head on over to:  https://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/worlds/2019/spectator-activities/