The Amateur Battle League Season III teaser is here. Get ready to forge greatness by watching the teaser and then read-up on all the info we currently have for you below:

Watch the video on YouTube here


The Amateur Battle League is a doubles-format draft league. Meaning you utilize two Pokemon at a time in a double battle, similar to the official VGC format. The ABL brings that format into the world of Draft Leagues and thrives in being a league that is open to newcomers as well as to veteran players alike. This is why we’ve implemented a system called the DSS (Dynamic Shuffle System). You can learn about the DSS and how it helps competitors and viewers of the ABL alike here.


We currently have three sets of sign-up dates for anyone who is interested in joining the ABL Season III. You can sign-up whenever you’d like during these dates. The application links will be posted on this site, our official discord and twitter.

OCT. 14-27 | SIGN-UPS

During the downtime in-between sign-up dates the ABL staff will be reviewing your applications and/or reaching out to you and further asking questions to ensure we allow equal opportunity for new players, veteran players and returning coaches alike to join the league. During this time the staff will also be ensuring participants can complete the league in its entirety since there will be both physical and digital prizes (to be revealed at a later date) for the winners of the league.


As we introduced in Season II, this third season of the ABL will feature prizes as well. However, we won’t be announcing any of the prizes right now except for one, but here’s what placements we’re working on to give prizes (both physical and digital) to:

1st Place: The biggest prize pool + the Victoria Cup
2nd Place: Runner-up prize pool
ECC: Exceptional Content Creator, this prize pool is for the competitor that the staff has deemed has created the most professional and enjoyable content out of the season. This is an incentive for participants to continue competing throughout the season and create fun content out of the league.

That’s all the information we have on Season III of the #PokemonABL today. Make sure to follow all of our social channels, join our discord and get ready to forge your greatness by picking up a Nintendo Switch and a copy of Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield, because Season III of the Amateur Battle League will be the GREATEST!