Introducing: ✨SHINY BOUNTIES✨


Are you itching for a challenge other than just competitive battling? Are you  interested in expanding your collection of ‘Shiny’ Pokemon before the release of Sword & Shield? What if we said you could do both AND earn points that could enter you to win cool prizes? Interested? Well this is for you!

From PerkHaze:

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Shiny Bounty channel!

Here is how the Shiny Bounty will work: Discord members who wish to partake in the shiny bounty will need to follow the rules listed for each hunt! All specifications can be found on that Pokemon’s wanted poster. These WILL change so please make sure to read each one. Each wanted poster will list what game, what method, points earned and the bounty type for example.

Game – X and Y
Method – Friend Safari
Points – 15
Bounty Type – 1 per person

What do points do?
Points will be your reward for finding the shiny! What can you do with these points you might ask? Use your points to enter to win REAL prizes! E-shop gift cards, games, Pokemon cards! We have lots of ideas in the works! You can spend your points to enter into drawings to win prizes. Each contest will be somewhat different so be sure to keep an eye out for when prizes are up for grabs!

Once I find the shiny how do I submit my entry?
The golden rule for this is, the more proof the better! If it is ever suspected that someone is cheating to claim a bounty they will have all points removed and no longer be able to participate in future hunts. That being said the minimum amount of proof we will accept is an image of the Pokemon with the date caught and a hand written note with the date and your discord user name (Within the same image). If you would like to also take a similar image but when you first encounter the Pokemon this would be even better! The end all be all would be a video. If that is something you wish to do then fantastic but we do not require players to video hunts.

For questions please @PerkHaze in the #bounty-general channel! Thank you!

Well trainers, now that you know the rules make sure to head on over to the official #PokemonABL Discord and begin your shiny hunts!


Stay tuned for continuous Bounty updates, including Sword & Shield Shiny Bounties!