The #PokemonABL Season III is fast-approaching. Coaches are being revealed weekly on our official Twitter and the initial draft is going to be held in early/mid December. With that said, only a few coach slots are available so make sure to apply today!

JUST REVEALED: The #PokemonABL just revealed this season’s grand prize in addition to the prize pools for competitors. These include a Duraludon-esque Grand Champion trophy as well as neat swag for Pokemon fans. Check the official images & tweets below:

ABL Season III is definitely shaping up to be one of the most competitive seasons in our league and the founder of the league has a message for everyone:


I personally want to thank everyone, who in one way, shape or form have helped make this ambitious project a reality. From its early conception in January 2019, the Amateur Battle League has quickly become a success as one of the only Doubles-Format draft league out there.

Our goal has always been to create a welcoming environment for aspiring competitive players while at the same time providing that sense of challenge, with experienced players mixed into the fray. Not only that, but promoting content creation and helping one another from within, we hope to be that “first-step” into competitive Pokemon. Whether it be full on Draft League or the official VGC format we want to be there for you from the start.

Heading into our 1-year Anniversary we wanted to make Season III ambitious. That’s why our Season III is so filled with hype. We’re celebrating our 1st year as a league, we’re celebrating the launch of generation 8, we’re celebrating Pokemon & it’s fans. Which is why we’re bringing 18 dedicated and ambitious Pokemon trainers, we’re providing prize pools for more than just the one winner and we’re promoting good sportsmanship from within.

For those watching the ABL, for those who couldn’t make it into Season III, for everyone reading. From everyone at ABL I want to say thank you and we hope to see you in Season IV later in 2020.

For now, let’s get hyped with the rest of the coach announcements and #PokemonABL Season III.

– CurseShaka