DYNAMIC SHUFFLE! | New Division Changes!


As you all may know the Amateur Battle League strives on being unique, not just by providing a doubles-format draft league or by having the playoffs played in a VGC-style format, but by providing ALL coaches an opportunity to get back on track to playoffs!

That is how the Dynamic Shuffle System comes into play. Every 4 weeks we shuffle coaches into different divisions based on W/L ratio and then their differential. As week 4 comes to a close that means it is time for the first shuffle of the season and below are the results:

With these new division changes, coaches will be challenged to prepare against teams they might have already defeated, think outside the box to maintain their W/L record and maybe even struggle to keep their footing.

Keep up with all the PokemonABL battles here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf2PBwGT0KZBqJaiDew7uRibeH8ekOmnX