It’s here! Revealed during the March 11th ABL Primetime show, we’re proud to announce a new off-season league called ABL Minors!

What is this league?
It’s the same exact thing as your regular season ABL, but more, kinda. Ok, here it is. The ABL Minors will be an off-season version of your standard ABL Draft-League. This means it will continue to be a doubles-format and will continue to utilize our signature DSS mechanic to keep matches balanced throughout its regular season.

Where do things change?
Well, ABL Minors will for one, NOT require any sort of uploads. This means if you do not have the means to upload your matches you won’t have a problem joining. You do however need to have a copy of Pokemon Sword or Shield and a wifi connection since these matches will still be played via wifi. ABL Minors will also be the first to feature changes, which means if the main ABL Seasons are planning to introduce a change ABL Minors will be the first to do so. For this first season of ABL Minors a few of the key differences will be; less weeks, tiered drafting and the inclusion of Legendary Pokemon.

When can I sign-up?
We thought you’d never ask. You can fill out the application to ABL Minors here!