With the current situation across the globe regarding COVID-19 known as coronavirus, the ABL directed a message toward its coaches updating them on the timeline of the final three regular season weeks with more updates to come as seen below:

With the current situation in regards to COVID-19, I understand many of you have either been impacted directly, or indirectly by the changes in our everyday responsibilities. With that being said, the ABL recognizes no direct risk in continuing its season. However, because of the impact the before mentioned situations may cause to our everyday schedules. We’re allowing extensions to all players for the final 3 weeks of the regular season. Meaning players can delay their matches should they need to.

All matches, must be played no later than March 28th 2020, 11:59pm EST.

Should a situation arise that prevents matches to be played to this date, please contact myself or any other staff member and we’ll work case by case.

As a preventative measure to assure the safe delivery of the physical prizes to ABL winners. 1st Prize trophy has been cleaned, sanitized and packed up as well as all prizes having been pre-packaged ahead of delivery. Elgato products are completely sealed and never opened as well as all other smaller prizes. All that is needed for these packages to be shipped will be addresses which we’ll be in contact with the winners once that time comes with more details. Again, these online competitions are on the safer-side considering there is no personal interaction, but as a precaution we exhort everyone to practice good hygiene and common sense as we all proceed with our daily lives.

For viewers of the ABL, we appreciate your understanding for the potential delay in some of your most anticipated matches. We hope to continue to provide entertaining matches and opportunities with ABL Season III & the newly announced ABL Minors.

Remember, wash your hands!