The Future of ABL

As announced during the final Season III Primetime of the Amateur Battle League, the future of the ABL is looking pretty full of brand new opportunities and challenges!

ABL S3 Delays & Playoffs:
The first addressed issue was how COVID-19 was impacting the final weeks of the Season III regular season. With the global pandemic worsening, it began to cause direct issues with participating coaches and thus, the ABL decided to provide a free extension for all regular season battles until March 31st. As well as providing a “recovery week” for coaches that make playoffs, meaning there will be a week in-between regular season and playoffs where no matches are played. Everything to provide coaches the maximum amount of flexibility possible within the league.

In addition to updating in regard of delays, the ABL laid out how Season III playoffs will work, with more information being provided to all coaches, below are the big points:

ABL Minors:
Upon receiving dozens of applications ABL’s first ever non-upload required league filled up its roster with 12 talented coaches gearing up and preparing for an off-season league of their own which will test out certain tweaks being made to future seasons of the ABL. More information on ABL Minors will be revealed soon.

ABL Season IV Initial Details:
With ABL gaining more and more hype and being recognized as the first Sword & Shield Doubles-Draft League, it is no surprise Season IV is already being worked on and the initial details in regard to the league were published during Primetime as follows:

With that, the final Primetime of ABL Season III came to an end, but the future of the ABL hasn’t been brighter. We expect to share more information with everyone in the coming months!