After over 15 weeks of battles and a delay due to COVID-19, the Amateur Battle League has finally arrived to its championship match-up. The dominant St. Hubert’s Castaways coached by The Honest Pokemon Trainer are matched up against the strategic Copenhagen Canines coached by Selobgo but how did these two teams make it here?

Let’s start off with the Castaways. This is a team that has been dominant since day one. Positioning itself in the Alpha Division and staying there throughout the entire regular season. Only finding four losses throughout the season against the San Juan Froakies, Vancouver Corviknights, Houston Team Rockets & Miami Donphans, the Castaways pushed through playoffs by defeating the WBE Champion KyleAye and the Miami Donphans in a playoff rematch scenario.

The Castaway team is also bringing in heat with Araquanid, which holds the #1 spot for most brought Pokemon this season, #4 Active Kill Leader & #3 Active K/D Ratio. The Castaways also hold the #1 Coach Win Percentage with a 71% win-rate.

However, if there’s a team that’s suited for doubles it’s the Copenhagen Canines. Showcasing extreme endurance and strategic planning. Selobgo managed to cycle through divisions throughout the regular season and get wins when they mattered most. Although having a shaky start to the season, this team did manage to get a 6-win streak through two shuffles and attain the differential needed to push themselves into playoffs.

Where this team really shines is in the playoff 4v4 scenario as we’ve seen as of late. The Canine’s Charizard is currently holding the #3 spot for Kill Leader, #4 Active K/D Ratio and the team holds a 64% win-rate. Making this match-up against the Castaways looking to be an even closer bout than at first anticipated.

There’s no doubt these two teams deserve to be in this championship match, but the real question is, which team will become champion? Luckily we won’t have to wait too long for that answer as the ABL Season III Championship match will be played this weekend!