ABL Season IV Logo Reveal!

As Season III of the PokemonABL reaches its championship match this weekend, its officially time to showcase what we’ve been working on for the next season of ABL Greatness!

With the help of GaymerKnight the Season IV logo of the Amateur Battle League was designed to showcase a shift in the ruleset.

Introducing Mewtwo as a mascot was done in order to display the integration of Legendary Pokemon for next season. Making Legendary Pokemon available for the first time in the SWSH era of the ABL.

The introduction of Incineroar displays the post-home approach and the more competitive focused approach of the season as well.

The color choices for the logo also have meaning. The purple represents the prior season with a gradient toward yellow which represents the Isle of Armor DLC colors and showcases that with the DLC crest on the top of the logo.

Ultimately what we have is a Season IV logo that showcases more competitiveness, legendary integration and a post Isle of Armor DLC format coming to this latest season of the Amateur Battle League.

Although Summer is quite a few months away we do have ABL Minors running during the upcoming off season plus the Championship match for Season III to look forward to, so we hope you have plenty of competitive Pokemon content to look forward to.