Presenting: ABL BLITZ!

Did you ever want all the action of draft-league all in one go? Don’t worry, we got you!

Presenting ABL BLITZ! We’ve taken all the fun of Amateur Battle League Doubles Draft and created a high-speed one day single elimination draft tournament!

How does it work?

*winner offered guaranteed entry to ABL Season IV should they meet requirements.


  • ABL BLITZ will function with a very tight and strict schedule in order to accommodate every aspect of draft-league into a one-day tournament.
  • ABL BLITZ will either be a 16 or 32-person tournament based solely on the amount of participants who’ve signed up. We’ve currently set the cap at 32.
  • The event will be FREE. There is no entry fee for ABL BLITZ.
  • Draft will be conducted through the ABL Discord and utilize a in-between version of ABLM and beta Season IV tiers.
  • Tournament will be single-elimination. Once you lose you’re eliminated.
  • Each match will be timed at 30min and there will be 30min in-between every match to allow for quick team building.
  • Matches will be played on Showdown.
  • More in-depth and specific rules will be provided to participants through the ABL Discord.
  • We expect the tournament to last from 9:30am EST to 5:30pm EST. Time may vary.

We’ll have more information regarding ABL BLITZ in the coming weeks, but you can sign-up now by following the link below: