With a brand new season of the Amateur Battle League come some pretty big changes. Not just the fact that Season IV will introduce post Isle of Armor Pokemon, but a lot of league changes as well. So, as announced through the ABL Special Broadcast we’ve decided to break-down all the changes announced and coming to Season IV of the ABL!

ABL Season IV Draft Changes:

  • Draft Transactions:
    Draft Transactions are a new part of the Amateur Battle League. During the draft, all participants will receive two (2) Draft Transactions which must be used before the final pick of the draft. If they aren’t utilized these transactions cannot be carried over into the regular season.

    Draft Transactions may be utilized to switch draft position with another participant for a designated round or to trade Pokemon with another participant. Draft Transactions may NOT be used to pick-up FA.
  • Carry-Overs:
    Carry-Overs are just what they sound like. Participants that reach 1st or 2nd place are allowed to carry-over Pokemon to the following season with limitations and conditions as follows:

    1st Place: May carry-over up to two (2) Pokemon into the following season. If they select to carry-over two (2) Pokemon they will be slotted into the middle pick of the draft order (if 12 coaches, pick 6). They will also lose the first and last round picks which will be automatically slotted with the carry-over Pokemon. If the participant decides to only carry-over one (1) Pokemon however, they will still be slotted in the middle of the draft, but only lose their last round pick which will be slotting in their carry-over Pokemon.

    2nd Place: Limited to only one (1) carry-over if this participant selects to do so they will be slotted right before the middle of the draft order (if 12 coaches, pick 5) and will lose their last draft pick which will be slotting their carry-over Pokemon.

    The two returning coaches from Season III, Selobgo and HPT were offered to utilize carry-overs and both coaches declined. Thus, they will be randomized into the draft order for Season IV.
  • Draft Stream:
    Draft Day is always a special part of draft-leagues. This is why we want to create a unique approach to draft day by hosting a two-day ABL Draft event. This will be split the following way:

    Day One:
    – Rounds 1 through 4 of the draft picks
    – Coach Guests
    – Discussions

    Day Two:
    – Rounds 5 through 12 of the draft picks
    – Team Analysis
    – Regular Season Schedule Revealed to all


We’ve learned a lot through our twelve weeks of hosting PRIMETIME throughout Season III of the ABL. We’ve decided to bring back PRIMETIME even stronger this season with the following changes:

  • PRIMETIME will always have a commentated match.
  • $20 Power Play weekly award returns for regular season.
  • Playoff matches will be commentated through PRIMETIME.
  • ABL Season IV Championship match will be streamed and commentated through PRIMETIME!

Our goal with PRIMETIME is to provide participants and viewers alike a great place to catch all of the ABL action and catch-up with one another. PRIMETIME will also serve as the platform where we’ll make in-season announcements and the occasional joke or two. None the less we expect to see you all during our PRIMETIME streams!

ABL Season IV Changes:

  • Twelve (12) coaches total
  • Eight (8) week regular season
  • One (1) DSS midway through regular season
  • Top six (6) make playoffs
  • Two (2) weeks of pre-season battles
  • Twelve (12) Pokemon Drafted per team
  • Post Isle of Armor Tiered Draft
  • 6v6 Doubles All Season
  • OVR Ratings:
    These are ratings that change season to season for returning coaches. They’re calculated utilizing a formula which takes w/l percentage, k/d percentage and divides it between 200. This rating is capped at 99 and can only reach 100 if the calculation reaches it and the participant wins the season. All new coaches or coaches whose rating is below 70 are automatically rounded to 60 OVR.
  • Trainer Cards:
    These custom trainer cards are provided only if coaches send in a screenshot of their in-game trainer card and it serves to represent their personality and in-league stats.
  • Entry Fee:
    The biggest change to this season would be the implementation of an entry fee. Currently being discussed between $5-$10 USD. This entry fee would be utilize to continue to provide prizes for the participants as has been done throughout Seasons II & III. As with Season III, Season IV of the ABL will provide a champion trophy along with prizes for 1st and 2nd place as well as the weekly power play prizes of $20 USD. Once more information regarding the exact amount of the entry fee is available we’ll update everyone.
  • Entry Fee Waivers:
    There are of course ways to avoid paying an entry fee. Some of these are listed below:
    • Place 1st or 2nd in prior Season
    • Winner of ABL Minors
    • Winner of ABL BLITZ

We’re very excited to continue to bring this competitive platform to you and we’ve come this far because of the support and constant feedback from everyone. We’re really excited to see where this season takes us and we look forward to what competitive techniques we see with the Isle of Armor DLC added into the mix. Once we have more information regarding Season IV of the Amateur Battle League we’ll update you all!