Two Coaches Return to ABL Season IV!

That’s right!

The first two coaches making their return to ABL Season IV have been announced in our Special Broadcast of May 22nd 2020.

First returning coach is none other than the current ABL Season III Champion Selobgo and the Copenhagen Canines:

The Copenhagen Canines will definitely continue to be a threat throughout the ABL. This team managed to strategically run through the divisions utilizing the DSS in Season III and finished the season off with a solid 67% win rate. The second highest win rate tied with none other than the runner-up team, the St. Hubert’s Castaways.

That’s right! The threat will not go away anytime soon. The dominant St. Hubert’s Castaways led by HPT will be making a return to ABL Season IV. Throughout Season III the Castaways remained on the top of the standings and solidified their position as the “team to beat” while retaining their kill leader position with their Araquanid. Falling short only to the Copenhagen Canines in the championship bout, this team held on to the tied 2nd position in win rate at 67% like their rivals the Copenhagen Canines.

None of these two returning teams decided to utilize any carry-overs. Which means they will not bring any Pokemon from Season III with them and they will be randomized in the draft order along with the rest of the coaches.

However, in a new season with no max captains and the introduction of restricted Pokemon and new DLC Pokemon. Will these two teams be as dominant as they were in Season III? We’ll have to find out when Season IV officially starts this summer!