As everyone is aware, throughout the past few days we’ve seen protests in regard to the systematic racism and violence toward Black communities within the United States, with protests stretching across the world. The goal of the ABL since launch has been to provide an opportunity for others, often times, smaller creators to participate in competitive Pokemon. As we’ve seen throughout the course of three seasons and an upcoming fourth, the ABL goes beyond that. Providing participants the opportunity to forge new friendships with people across the globe. United States & Puerto Rico, Denmark, United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico are all just a small handful of backgrounds & cultures we’ve had throughout our inception.

We want to do something here at ABL. Quite simply. We have to do something.

Not doing anything is what has allowed this to carry-on as far as it has. Although the ABL is still a very small, nonprofit league, we WILL do something.

With that said, the ABL has planned to introduce an entry fee for Season IV in order to fund Prize Pools. That entry fee will now be utilized as a mass donation toward #BlackLivesMatter. Originally, the entry fee was going to be established at $10 USD per competitor. Now, the fee will start at $10 and every competitor has the option to give more. This will add up to a minimum of $120 USD toward #BlackLivesMatter. Every Season IV participant you see will have had helped support this cause, just by participating. The ABL will worry about funding the prize pool itself. We’ve always been transparent with everyone within this organization and will continue to be. There is NO tolerance toward any sort of discrimination and in this case specifically, racism.

Season IV will also kick-off with an 8:41 honoring during the Season IV Draft as a sign of support. Finally, all proceeds from Season IV tee shirts sold during the Season IV Draft will be donated to NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

We’re not a big corporation or a big organization, but we are a big family. Every single one of you within this server, every person who has supported the ABL we’re all in it together.

ABL Staff