The Amateur Battle League is a doubles-format draft league. The first doubles-draft league for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Founded in January 2019, with its inaugural season being played in Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu/Eevee, the league quickly gained attention and support from players and content creators looking to expand from a singles-format into a doubles-format.

The ABL prides itself on providing a well organized league that attempts to provide newer players and creators an opportunity to play against some more seasoned and/or known creators.


The ABL’s mission is to become the first step in a players competitive Pokemon journey.

We aim at this by being open to newer content creators and players while at the same time bringing in seasoned players and well known competitors. In a doubles-format we can be as close to the official VGC as possible, while still providing a familiar draft-league experience in case players decide to expand into singles-format instead.

Why The ABL?

The ABL has shown to be a reliable source of content and competition. With multiple seasons completed and a minors league that does not require uploads, the ABL has shown its an amazing place to begin, continue and enhance your competitive skills.

The Amateur Battle League, continues to expand its reach season over season. With the help of its competitors, the Amateur Battle League has reached thousands of people overall.

The Amatuer Battle League was also featured on PokeJungle, making it one of the few draft-leagues to gain this sort of recognition. Read the article here.

The official social media links to the ABL can be found here: YouTube, Twitch, Twitter