Amateur Battle League

Welcome to the Amateur Battle League (ABL). A Doubles-Format Pokemon draft league, where beginners are welcome! 

 The ABL is the most ambitious Doubles-Format draft league. Whether your a fan of Pokemon, seasoned veteran competitor or just a casual fan trying to wet their feet in competitive Pokemon or draft league competition the ABL is the first step up the ladder!

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Showdown Royale [BETA]

Join us on weekends in the official ABL Discord to participate in Showdown Royale to find out if you’re the “crème de la crème” and worthy of winning the title of Royale Master. ENTER NOW

ABL Gym Challenge

Battle against the ABL Gym leaders and show off you’ve got what it takes to be a Pokemon Master! Challenge leaders through Showdown and earn badges in the ABL discord for the ultimate bragging rights! ENTER NOW

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